Our Core Values

Here at New Song we believe:

  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God and contains all truth necessary for our salvation.

  • In the power of prayer.

  • This is God's church, that Jesus Christ is the Head of the church and that it is guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

  • The primary task of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • The heart of ministry is relationships and that this can best be experienced in Christian community.

  • Worship should be celebrative, spiritually uplifting, and alive to the presence of the Holy Spirit.

  • Worship should be meaningful to believers, comprehensible to newcomers, visitor-friendly, and lead people to a transforming experience of God that manifests itself in changed lives.

  • We are inclusive and invite all people to be in relationship with God through Jesus Christ and within the community of faith.

  • We preach and live out the message of God's grace that is unconditional and non-judgmental.

  • We strive to achieve the highest quality in all areas of ministry.

  • We will do nothing less than our best in service to God and others.

  • We exist to serve others as the loving presence of Christ through effective ministry and mission to the community and the world.

  • All members are ministers of the church and that it is the task of the pastor (and staff) to equip and release the members for ministry.

  • Every believer has spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit in order to build up the Body of Christ.

  • Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ requires a commitment of our lives, our talents, and our resources to the work of God's church.