New Song has a multitude of active ministry teams in our church and community.  Get connected to God and others -- Join our ministry teams and help us make disciples and make a difference!
"Centered in Worship, We Reach, Teach, Tend & Send"

Christian Education & Spiritual Growth:
Care & Prayer
  • Eve's Place
  • Fiji Mission
  • Habitat for Humanity Team
  • Holiday Food Box Team
  • Local Family in Need Ministry
  • New Song Needlers
  • Nomad Ministries

Directors of Ministry
  • Chair of Worship Committee: Ann Haggerty
Resources and coordinates all the ministry teams in this area.
  • Directors of Evangelism & Church Growth: Ann Haggerty & Marge Heer
Resources and coordinates all the ministry teams involved in evangelsim ministries.
  • Director of Christian Education: Carolyn Garbacz
Resources and coordinates all the Christian Education ministries for children, youth, and adults.
  • Director of Nurture & Prayer: Ziggy Weir
Resources and coordinates all the prayer and care ministries of our church.
  • Lay Leaders: Myrna Bishop & Kim Riddlesworth
Responsible for representing our congregation the the pastor(s) and on major planning and administrative committees, as well as strengthening involvement in the church.